SLS Software Enhancements

List of Enhancements for SLS Software Version 6.3

[The latest version is 6.3]

  • Enrichment Information Linking - you can enrich your catalog records by adding links to book cover images, illustrations, book summaries and table of contents. By entering these links from WebCAT, WebOPAC/KidsOPAC will display them. See sample screen dumps.
  • Search By URL - you can search the Library Catalog by an URL. This will enable you to put links in your teaching materials, bibliograpies, reading lists, etc. to direct users to the rich content in your Library Catalog. See sample screen dumps.
  • Search By Picture in KidsOPAC - provides a pciture-based interface to guide users to search a topic from the Library Catalog. See sample screen dumps.
  • Advanced Search - allows you to have more advanced search and sorting options. See sample screen dumps.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC - enhancement to the Borrowing Record page; includes the new feature of retrieving the borrowing history of the patron for a selected date range. See sample screen dumps.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC - items in the holding box are sorted by location + call number + vol/copy.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - adds the capability of enabling/disabling printing, exporting and emailing of records.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - pressing <ENTER> key will act as clicking the "Start Search" button.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - display the total number of hits in the keyword search result page.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - display the record instead of the result page if only one record matches a keyword search.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - allows users to search discipline by selecting from a pull down list.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - allow deselecting records for export/printing.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - display top of index for blank query in exact searches.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - automatic temp files cleaning.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - adds next and previous buttons when viewing full record.
  • WebCAT - prompts for confirmation during saving of the bib record if title or ISBN/ISSN exists.
  • WebCAT - rejects importing if the incoming record does not have a 245 tag.
  • WebCAT - adds a new search method "From Report List File", which will take a bib/item Report List as the search result.
  • WebCAT - batch removal of bib and attached item records as specified by a Report List.
  • WebOPAC/KidsOPAC/WebCAT - add the support of simplified Chinese interface.

List of Enhancements for SLS Software Version 6.2

  • Added a new module WebREAD, specially designed for Hong Kong Primary and Secondary schools for their Reading To Learn Project initiated by the Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau. WebREAD provides a platform for students to plan, record and analysis their reading habits. Teachers and parents can also monitor and follow up on students reading progress.

List of Enhancements for SLS Software Version 6.1

  • [new - for 6.1a] Added a new module WebREPORT. In addition to providing a web interface for creating report lists (with equivalent functionalities of WinREPORT), WebREPORT collects all pre-definied reports into a central place for easy access by both the librarians and teachers. A number of new reports, including Borrowing Frequency Report, Reading to Learn Reports, Search Statistics, etc. are also available in WebREPORT.
  • Integrated XML-based infrastructure to the system
  • Searching
    • added Accession Number search
    • added logging of search history
  • WebOPAC and KidsOPAC
    • users can redirect a search to other remote SLS Catalogs
    • users can redirect a search to other Search Engines
    • users can self-renew borrowed items
    • users can change their pin number online
    • real time display of the most popular books
  • WinCAT and WebCAT
    • [new - for 6.1a] Added the capability of printing barcode and spine labels in WinCAT. Labels can be printed one at a time or in batch.
    • added searching of remote SLS catalogs for copy cataloging
    • Simple Editor will save other title entries as 246 and not the obsolete tag 740
    • read-only item information such as number of checkouts is now viewable in the Item Editor
    • allowed specification of a classification scheme to call number
    • supported importing of tag 095/097 from Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau's School Union Catalog
    • items that have holds are not allowed for deletion in the Item Editor
    • added qualifier "Curriculum" to the Subject field in Simple Editor to map to MARC tag 658 (Curriculum Objectives)
    • added Between and NotExist operators
    • number of fields allowed for sorting is increased from 3 to 5
    • report list format is now XML compliant
    • allowed multiple records be exported in MARCXML format
  • WinINV
    [a new module for stock taking; item inventory functions originally found in WinREPORT are relocated in WinINV]
    • added Simple Compare function
    • allowed scan barcodes to an existing bar file
    • allowed selection of status to be included in the inventory report
    • option to create Report List of suspected missing items for withdrawal

List of Enhancements for SLS Software Version 6.0

  • Supported the exporting of bibliographic records in Library of Congress' MARC21 XML format (added 19 June 2002)
  • Added the WebCAT module, a web-based cataloging interface that support the input, searching and display of bibliographic data in Unicode. WebCAT is the web equivalent of WinCAT, with additional functions and enhancements.
  • WebOPAC and KidsOPAC
    • supported the searching and display of data in Unicode.
    • supported the integration of both modules to any school education platform, including SchoolTeam, MySch.Net, etc.
    • system administrators were given more flexibility to customize the banner and footer of the Main Page.
    • similar to KidsOPAC, system administrators can now customize which search functions to be offered in WebOPAC.
  • WinCAT
    • the bibliographic record size was increased.
    • increased the length of various MARC tags:  Content Notes, Title, Call Number and ISBN/ISSN, Barcode, etc.
    • added batch update of item status, location and type.
    • greatly improved the importing of bibliographic and item records.
    • added the file browse buttons to various dialog boxes in WinCAT.
    • supported the checking of duplicate barcode during saving of item record.
  • WinCIRC
    • added an option under the View Patron Screen to display the borrowing history of a given patron
    • added the file browse buttons to all report dialog boxes.
    • increased the length of various patron fields: Barcode, Patron ID, Other ID, Patron Name, Patron Address, Phone Number, etc.
    • enhanced fine related reports, including fine transactions report, outstanding fines, fine notices.
    • allowed exporting multiple MARC tags.
    • increased the limit of exporting selected fields to 15.
    • added the file browse buttons to various dialog boxes.
    • allowed searching of numeric value, i.e. numeric value will not be treated as a string.
  • WinADMIN
    • allowed each site to define a LIBCODE, for use in a library consortium.
    • added coutfix function to fix the inconsistency of the Current Check Out counter in patron record.
    • enhanced the transaction log archiving and database backup functions.

List of Enhancements for SLS Software Version 5.1

  • Improved Chinese translation of wordings of the interface
  • Improved wordings of the English interface
  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • WinCIRC - support printing to network printer
  • WinCIRC - improved performance of generating reports and statistics
  • WinCIRC - allow removal of patron records based on a patron report list
  • WinCIRC - provide an option to include or not to include overdue fine on holiday
  • WinCIRC - allow generation of circulation notices by patron group and patron type
  • WinCIRC - allow sending of circulation notices by email
  • WinCIRC - provide location tracking of circulating items
  • WinCIRC and WinOPAC - allow reserving of items that are on display
  • WinCIRC - allow clearing of the item status to available by using the Check-In function
  • WinADMIN - allow changing of WinCIRC passwords for overriding and  patron removal
  • WinADMIN - allow archiving of circulation transaction logs
  • WinCAT - support importing of Chinese data in MARC21 records downloaded from library catalogs
  • WinCAT - allow rapid update of barcodes
  • WinREAD - improved handling reports related to multiple reading levels of items
  • WinREPORT - patron fields: patron email, contact preference and fine are now searching.
  • ImportWizard - allow conversion of patron data in Excel format to SLS Import format

List of Enhancements for SLS Software Version 5.0


  • Can launch WinOPAC either in English or Chinese interface on different PCs
  • Display the total number of hits in the Search Hit List
  • Can limit a search by publication year or publisher
  • Provide combine search of author keywords plus title keywords
  • Provide combine search of discipline plus reading level
  • Allow Web link in a record
  • Can view your own circulation information, including items checked-out, items on hold, and fines owed
  • Can suggest books to buy and give opinions online


  • Can print spine label
  • Can print barcode label
  • Can transfer items from one bibliographic record to another


  • Can collect and manage fines
  • Can have different maximum number of items allowed check-out for different types of items
  • Can renew overdue items
  • Circulation reports can be imported to Excel
  • Can reserve an item even though the status is "on display"
  • Provide a list of patrons previously checked out a given item
  • Provide a list of items that were recently checked out by a given patron


  • Can save a search query and re-launch it when needed
  • Add search operators: IsBlank, NotBlank and NotHas


  • Procvide a user friendly interface for changing SLS parameters, managing the database, and changing passwords
  • Can record the Library name and other information, etc.


  • A new Windows module to maintain and analyses the students' reading habit and reading history
  • Reports generated include:
    • Individual Patron Reading History
    • Individual Patron Scores
    • Summary of Patron Reading History
    • Summary of Patron Scores
    • Top Ten Patrons by Title
    • Top Ten Patrons by Score
    • Top Ten Titles


  • Provide Web Links to Interent resources
  • Can self-reserve items
  • Can view your own circulation information
  • Can mount more than one database on the same Web Server
  • More enhancements on layout and display
  • More search capabilities
  • More flexibility on marking and unmarking records


  • A new Windows module for converting bibliographic records from Excel file with any column specifications