SLSBlio - The Next-Generation Library Catalog


SLSBlio is a customization of an open-source software called Scriblio. It enables your library catalog with Web 2.0 technologies - allowing users to search the catalog with Google-like search box and faceted browsing, bringing external content into your catalog, redirecting users to discover external resources, and providing a social discussion platform for sharing users contributed book reviews and comments.

Faceted browsing

Users begin a search with a few words. Search results are ranked by recency and relevancy. Facets on formats, languages, locations, authors, titles, subjects and publication years are provided for incrementaltal refinement of the search results.

Discovering external resources

The library catalog is no longer silo-like. It brings in external content, such as book cover images, provides dynamically constructed links for discovery of external resources, and allows users to subscribe to subject-specific RSS feeds.

Book comments

Library catalog becomes a social platform for users to share their book reviews and comments. Users can also subscribe to these comments as RSS feeds.